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What is a Let's Connect NFC Business Card?

A let’s Connect replaces old fashioned and expensive business cards. It is a single card that is used over and over again to transfer your contact details to your clients smart phones by simply tapping the smart card close to your clients smart phones.

4 Easy Steps To Use

Your NFC Business Card Transfers your Contact Details to your Clients Mobile Phone Contacts with a Single Tap

Store your card in your wallet
Save your contact info

What does a Let's Connect NFC Business Card Do?

      1. Transform the way you connect and build relationships with future and present clients.
      2.  Touch your card on any mobile phone and a link opens with your contact details to be saved in your customers address book.
      3. In one tap you’ve improved efficiency and created a real contact with someone you want to develop a relationship with. 
      4. 90% of standard business cards are discarded without the contact details being captured.

Why change to a smart business card?

    1. No costly printing of business cards. A let’s Connect Premium unbreakable metal business card costs about the same as printing 300 cards.
    2. You decide which details are added to your clients address book.
      1. Tel, email and website.
      2. Social media profiles.
      3. Sign up forms for newsletters.
      4. LinkedIn CV
      5. The choice is yours.
    3. Your details are added to clients mobile phone contacts with just a swipe.
    4. No personal contact – Pandemic safe.
    5. Stylish and elegant metal Let’s Connect NFC Business card fits in your wallet.
    6. Most people throw away your business card before capturing your details in their address book.
    7. The Wow factor sets you apart.

What Our Clients Say

The Let’s Connect NFC Card Professionals were quick and very efficient.  I like the fact that I can add, change or remove any of your contact information quick and easy at any time.
The card is easily stored in my wallet. The NFC tap and transfer is savvy, easy and professional.

Marco Ras - Pharma Rep

I know that my clients now have my details in their address book. That’s half the battle won.

Gavin Kirchhoff - Real Estate

I love watching the expression on my clients faces when my contact details pop up on their phone to be saved into their contacts.

Gabe Young - Sales Manager

Four Day Delivery

Delivered to your closest PostNet store within four  days.


Can I get a card branded with my company logo?

While it is technically possible to get branded card with your logo there does not seem to be much point.

To brand your card would take time and be an expensive process. 

After all you are not handing your card to anyone. You are just using it to perform magic. A quick tap and your details transfer to your customers address book on their smart phone.

And the friendly Let’s Connect Branding says exactly what you are wanting to do.

Watch the card in action in this video below.

Watch this video below of the card in action

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